Danny  passionately pursues his love for visual arts through photography. He began his photographic journey by photographing his family and surroundings in late 1990’s.   In 2007 he decided to turn his hobby into a profession.  Danny quickly expanded his repertoire of subjects from friends and family to family portraiture and individual portraits including head-shots and commercial shoots.

Danny is not what most people think of when they think “photographer”.  Your session will be very laid back and fun.  With that being said, he also pays close attention to the little things and detail.  You will be asked what type of music that you like to listen to and he will have that playing while you shoot, making your experience more comfortable.  Danny can produce quality images that will far exceed your expectations.

Being able to capture memories through the camera is very gratifying.  The meaning of photography is capturing moments.  Moments that will be gone in the blink of an eye.  To be able to show someone how beautiful they really are is priceless, whether that be in their daily interaction with their family or sitting for a portrait.  We do not get the opportunity to get a glimpse of our lives from the outside.  That is what Danny does with his photographs – slowing time long enough to capture a moment of it forever.

Studio Shoots Photography is nestled in beautiful and scenic Gallatin, Tennessee where Danny has lived most of his life. He also has an Electronic Engineering degree and works in the IT Department of a major Nashville company. Danny Myers technical knowledge and photo-editing skills are exceptional.

If you want amazing photos, call us at (615) 200-0979 . We also do special events. We serve the middle Tennessee and Metro Nashville area.

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